Interview made to the FFE💚 CEO, at Uni Rosario Radio, Claudia P. Pérez


We are a non-for-profit foundation with a social purpose, promoting the development of life projects of young adults and minors under situations of vulnerability due to abandonment, physical, sexual, psychological and emotional abuse in Bogotá. We contribute to the development of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plans for legal and natural persons. For this, and with methodologies from an artistic proposal; we achieve Youth Empowerment, Behavioral Coaching, Impact Research, Entrepreneurship, Youth Leadership, Second Language Proficiency classes and dance and theater presentations, among others. We develop communities with greater opportunities for minors and our benefactors. Therefore, we use ICT to meet our objectives. We have a sustainable financial model thanks to the support of entities and people from public and private sectors .In addition, we have an active communication towards the interested parties in the management carried out by our sponsors. Thus, we stand out as a Foundation committed to society from the use of methodologies, we also encourage actions for the sustainability and protection of the environment, making us responsible even with our stakeholders, thus creating <<💚New Lives on Stage💚>>.

About Us



To be in 2023 a non-profit entity with a socially and environmentally sustainable purpose, nationally and internationally acknowledged for being committed to the reinstatement of Rights of Youth and Minors in Bogotá, Colombia, who have lived under situations of vulnerability due to abandonment, physical, sexual, psychological and/or emotional abuse. In addition, to be advocates and managers of Social and Environmental Responsibility plans of natural and legal persons. Developing communities with greater opportunities and committed to reducing the social gaps of the Colombian context.

Lines of Action

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