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Green Hope Colombia

Jorge Shigematsu

Colombian-Japanese, graduated from Calasanz School, and Graphic Designer from Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. 

In 2006 Mr. Shigematsu visits the Amazon and when he falls in love with the jungle he decides to undertake the adventure of his life to save the largest jungle on the planet, this is how he decides to open the Green Hope Foundation Colombia (GHC). 


The Foundation and NGO Green Hope Colombia (GHC), began activities in 2007. It has carried out health brigades, started to have an exchange of knowledge with different indigenous communities, is developing the Reforestation project with ForestEver and Up2Green in France. In 2015 and 2016, Green Hope began activities in the United States of America and Mexico. 

Since 2018, it has been a work and project partner with Fundación Función Esperanza (FFE+), to strengthen environmental, social and cultural projects in different areas of Colombia. 

The GHC Foundation belongs to CBD - United Nations Decade of Biodiversity. As one of the most committed Foundations in pursuit of the goals 2011-2020; in the protection of Biodiversity and Environment.

UniAndina Social Alliance

Measurement Matters 

CEO Fundación Función Esperanza, Claudia Patricia Pérez D. and CEO Measurement Matters, Teryn Wolfe. This two wonderful women create a new alliance between foundations that seek for Wome's Equity in the Colombian society. 

Teryn Marie Wolfe

I am the CEO and Founder of Measurement Matters, specialized in social and environmental program and project design and management, monitoring and evaluation, capacity building, knowledge management and innovative finance.  I am a former Fulbright Research Scholar, and an active member of the American Evaluation Association and Social Value International, where I am part of the Gender Equality and Inclusion Working Group.


For several years I have served communities, public, private and social sectors providing technical assistance and innovative leadership to transform society—and now I am leading a collective mission to scale these activities through Impact Management, Strategic Partnerships and Innovative Finance through Measurement Matters in Bogota. 

Measurement matters is a strategic consultancy enterprise with the mission of creating and managing social, environmental and financial value in the best and most efficient way.

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A50 Intervention Model coordinator for Social Organizations

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