Corporate Social Responsibility

What will you benefit from?



You will help teenagers rebuild their lives and in this way, promote a peaceful, inclusive society where the violence, mortality, abuse and exploitation rates can decrease.

Your contribution will be certified by our FFE💚 accountant as “TAX ADVANCE AND/OR DONATION CERTIFICATE”, which will be reflected as up to a 25% discount of what you have to pay for the income tax which falls to be paid in 2018 (75% dian AND 25% Social Enterprise). In this way, your contribution is an advance payment of the tax. A benefit of Corporate Social Responsibility that HAS NO COST FOR YOUR COMPANY.

Volunteer Work & Internships

Be part of the change!

We invite you!!!

to be a bridge for opportunities. We seek hands to reduce social chasms to build New Lives that positively transform societies.

FFE💚 is open to you to develop your own talent in favor of those teenagers who struggle to carry out their life project, in spite of the adversities, mistreat or abandonment they have suffered in the past.

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