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Female Empowerment:  It is time to transform our reality

Did you know that, despite their educational training, women do not receive a high remuneration in the labor sector? Even if they hold the same position, the compensation of women is lower than that of men. It is surprising that in countries like Colombia, where there are more professional women than men with higher education, the inequality labor gap is so marked. According to a UN report, in 2013 the labor participation gap was 20.94%, and although there was a reduction of approximately 5%, there is still a long way to go. Progress has been made in the legal field by creating laws to promote gender equality and guarantee the human rights of women; However, in its execution, the figures show that these laws present many obstacles and the expected results have not been obtained.

Also, although Colombia has had an economic growth conducive to social progress, gender gaps are still clearly evident in the political and economic spheres. According to UN figures, women's political participation has increased from 6% to 11% in elected office in the last 20 years. Even so, it is still one of the countries in Latin America with the least representation of women in politics. However, violence is the main factor in inequality of the country. In the course of 2018, around 3,014 women have been victims of acts of threat, murder, terrorism, torture, involuntary disappearances, sexual slavery, rape, sexual abuse, pregnancy and forced abortions. How is it possible that still having laws that prevent and sanction violence against women, such as Law 1257 of 2008, Colombia continue to present figures like this? The country is in a moment of transformation that represents an opportunity to promote a substantive change not only at a normative level but also in the execution to achieve a true inclusion.

As it has already been said, the path to reduce this gap is long, but if everyone from our environment begins to change, if from our homes in the education that we give our children we teach Gender Equity, we avoid cultural biases, we can put a stop to inequality and provide a more dignified treatment for women and men. That's why in FFE💚 through our Behavioral Coaching classes, English classes, art, leisure arts, dialogue and resolution of nonviolent Conflict workshops, Empowerment and Youth Entrepreneurship classes, we create spaces of inclusion and empowerment of girls, teenagers and youth, who despite having lived under conditions of violation of rights, begin to take a leadership role and understand that change begins in each one of us, and that our actions can impact others and transform realities.

You can read more with the UN report here: http://colombia.unwomen.org/es/onu-mujeres-en-colombia/las-mujeres-en-colombia

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