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Women and technology: FFE💚 one step closer to Women Empowerment

Although the role of women in science and technology is reduced to secondary positions, their contribution in this sector is very useful. Approximately, only 1 in 10 high-level positions is occupied by a woman, while in terms of research, the female presence is 30%, according to figures from the L'Oréal foundation. This is why it is of vital importance to empower women in the technological world and recognize their contributions and innovation as a source of development in this sector.


Colnodo, a web portal, designed and developed within the framework of its projects and cross-disciplinary lines of action on gender, appropriation of ICT, digital rights and security for women, gives 5 reasons why women's participation in the world of technology must be higher and acknowledged. Among them are the technical innovation through improved productivity of women, women's inclusion to reduce social inequalities and participation of women in technology that reduces output of labor. You can read the full article here



Based on the need to open spaces in which women can participate, create and innovate in the technology sector, FFE💚 together with Geek Girls offered a workshop to their girls, teenagers and young women, to show them that using their skills and tastes they can contribute to this sector, they were told that they do not necessarily have to study engineering, mathematics or physics in order to become technological entrepreneurs. The girls enjoyed a workshop in which they were taught about robotics, it was taught by two women entrepreneurs from El Salvador and Medellin, who through a talk and interaction with robots captured the attention and motivated the girls of FFE💚 to believe in themselves and be part of this technological world.

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