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Youth Empowerment through Art

The future is in the hands of youth, but if the current conditions of lack of opportunities and the absence of a decent life with unsatisfied basic needs lead them to live in isolation and commit wrong actions to survive, what kind of future is being created?According to the UN, there are 1,800 million of young adults in the world between 10 and 24 who face discrimination, marginalization, gender violence and lack of opportunities. However, the concern of the matter is that due to these factors the youth is trapped in criminal networks, gangs and the use of psychoactive substances. In Colombia, youth between 15 and 29 years old lead the indicators of homicides, thefts and poverty; the difficult access to quality education limits their job opportunities and in search of a better future they decide to opt for the delinquent life.

With a panorama like this, it is imperative to create support networks that allow exchanging experiences; In the same way, initiatives that promote Empowerment, vitality and youth initiative should be encouraged. And it is at this point, in which Art can be a determining factor when it comes to providing children, teenagers and youth, a life project with which they can achieve their dreams. The artistic field illustrates what is possible when betting on the value of integration and when there is a will to be flexible in the creation of new projects. It is important to realize that there is a close relationship between Empowerment and creative thinking, since they are the basis of the development and self-expression of youth. Also, Youth Empowerment is closely linked to leadership. For this reason, programs such as the one that is successfully implementing FFE💚 should be recognized and implemented to change insecurity, violence and the violation of rights and turn them into smiles, music, dance and theater. FFE💚 opens spaces in which art is a source of transformation, because our projects allow youth to understand, accept, value themselves and thereby empower themselves, thus building a better future for all.

FFE💚 believes in Art as a pillar of transformation, and that belief is put into practice through our Behavioral Coaching, English, Ludic Arts, Play Arts, Dialogue and Nonviolent Conflict Resolution workshops, and Empowerment and Youth Entrepreneurship classes, in which FFE💚 instills in its children, teenagers and youth, the value of becoming leaders, of believing in themselves, creating Entrepreneurship and Empowering themselves through Living Dramaturgies, Scenic Methodologies, Innovation, Research and Youth Entrepreneurship. Our scenarios are open to the New Lives that wish to be part of them, and witness the Youth Empowerment through Art.

You can complement your reading with this article from the newspaper El Tiempo: https://www.google.com.co/amp/s/www.eltiempo.com/amp/opinion/editorial/empoderar-a-los-jovenes-editorial-el-tiempo-119106

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