Learning in Motion is a methodology that connects theater-dancing-body-poverty-vulnerability, Social Transformation & Youth Empowerment. Through dancing, movement and voice, participants develop creative processes on which they involve their personal experiences and create narratives that we call vivid dramatic writings. With these experiences, teenagers and young adults are getting close to their backgrounds and lives to reach a recognition of themselves here and now and the purpose in their life projects.


2 young adults. 20 dancing and theater workshop hours. 1 public presentation.

2014. Pilot project.

12 young adults. 80 dancing, theater and camera handling workshop hours. In collaboration with Centro San Jerónimo Miani. 4 public presentations.

2015. Learning in Motion V1.

44 young adults and 20 inmates taking part in the project. 160 hours of the Learning in Motion V1 Methodology. In collaboration with: Semillas de Amor, Amparo de Niñas, La Picota, Centro San Jerónimo Miani and Universidad Antonio Nariño. 6 public presentations.

Learning in Motion V2

87 young adults. 180 hours of the Learning in Motion V2 Methodology. Premio de Concertación of Ministry of Culture, 2016. In collaboration with: Corporación Minikusuto, Universidad Antonio Nariño, Amparo de Niñas, Fundación San Mauricio and Centro San Jerónimo Miani. 10 public presentations.

The Hero

This learning guide was implemented in the project “Learning in Motion V2” that was nominated to the Convocatoria Apoyos Concertados of Ministry of Culture, 2016, in collaboration with Universidad Antonio Nariño and Corporación MiníKusuto. Participants created Hero narratives, able to overcome the obstacles that they could possibly face throughout their life projects. It is inspired on the 12 Stages of the Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell.

The Dreams Factory

Función Esperanza offers teenagers scenic training getaways so that they can delve into their talents and vocation.

We emanate from the unification of:



How high do I want to fly alongside my dream?
Self-recognition level
-Talents listing


Which abilities come in handy and which attitudes prevent me from reaching my dream?
-Strengths and weaknesses
-It is not a morality matter, but a freedom and self-recognition matter
-To discern my values and principles and their consequences


Team session. How can I build my dream?
1. Collaboration
2. Synergy
3. Empathy
4. Complementarity


I share my dream. Do I feel like my dreams are being taken away?
-Dreams selling
-Dreams market
-Creativity as the wellspring of our dreams


I prepare myself to make my dream fly.
-To action the dream
-Ability to manage the dream: time, place and actions
-Planning of your desired getaway
-Deadlines and contingencies


Making it happen!
Sowing my dream and letting it fly.
-A data gathering will be made at the end to compare with the beginning data. 
-Showing results.


-Identifies the dream according to the life project and expresses it on stage.
-Acknowledges his abilities and limitations, facing them to the public on stage.
-Follows training instructions to fulfill common goals.
-Actively participates on the building of scenic performances with different groups.
-Treasures his scenic training as a potential tool to his life project development.



Contest video RECON 2017

Rehearsal with Jairo Salazar
Saxophonist Monsieur Periné

Youth Entrepreneurship

Thanks to the partnership with StoryInc, an entrepreneurial action is taken; a journal called “Story Book” where our young members can record each step towards their business idea. Likewise, dancing classes are promoted for all kinds of audience our young members teach, who also lead pedagogical and cultural processes.

Theatrical plays

Christmas Present is a scenic proposal in which leaders and teenagers who are ahead in the process, make choreographies and participate preparing the final presentation. We are usually on stage in theater Hombre Mono and in Sutton Club.

Story Book

It is a consulting team specialized in business storytelling.

StoryInc is intended to guide organizations and their work teams in creating their own narrative so that it becomes a strategic asset.

Developing transformative narratives through:
1. Training
2. Education
3. Consultancy

That is why StoryInc believes that knowing how to tell stories is knowing how to use the bridge that connects memory with imagination.
Then, working with storytelling is a great work tool to: Strengthen brand identity and its value proposal, direct innovation processes, deploy strategic plans, implement endomarketing strategies, socialize change management processes, train high performance commercial teams, create a narrative of their own, among others.

Science or art and their use transcends learning methods to generate unforgettable emotional anchors. Archetypes, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, theater, cinema, literature and life itself are inexhaustible sources of stories that happen regularly to us and are worthy of telling to make them come to life.

That is why Fundación Función Esperanza in collaboration with StoryInc, develops the entrepreneurial initiative “Story Book”, in which their young members can record each step towards their business idea.


Making them realize their ideas do matter in their life projects and can come true.

Bogotá Líder


Therapeutic Modelling Clay

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